PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Most of the NBA was very quiet for a second consecutive year at the trade deadline. That was not the case for general manager Sam Hinkie and the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers were a part of four deadline-day deals, including one that was uncovered almost an hour after the 3pm deadline had passed.

Here’s a wrap up of the deals:

Deal #1

Sixers trade Spencer Hawes to Cleveland, in exchange for two second round picks (Cleveland’s and Memphis’), Earl Clark and Henry Sims.

Deal #2

Sixers receive the Denver Nuggets’ 2016 second round pick, as well as Washington’s 2015 second round pick,, and point guard Eric Maynor. It is still unclear what the Sixers gave up in the trade, likely a heavily protected 2nd round pick or cash considerations.

Deal #3

Sixers acquire a 2018 second round pick, and center Byron Mullens from the Clippers in exchange for a top-55 protected 2014 second round pick from the Sixers.

Deal #4

Sixers trade Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen to the Pacers, in exchange for Danny Granger and the rights to Golden State’s 2015 second round pick.

Why they did Deal #1 – Hawes’ contract is expiring at the end of the season, and the Sixers have no real advantage in keeping him on the team for the rest of the year, even if they want to re-sign him. The two second round picks are at worst, like lottery tickets, and at best, could help them maneuver themselves into a better second round pick.

Why they did Deal #2 – They get two second round picks, to replace the second round picks they will likely owe Boston due to the Arnett Moultrie trade.

Why they did Deal #3 – It would seem reasonable that the second round pick they receive will be better than the one they are giving up.

Why they did Deal #4 – To get Turner and Allen off the team, while acquiring a second round pick. It’s unknown whether the Sixers will keep Granger, or buy out his contract.