PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New research shows that bullying could have long term health effects.

The study, which was published in the most recent issue of the journal Pediatrics, looked at the associations of bullying with mental and physical health from elementary to high school.

The study’s authors say they analyzed data from nearly 5,000 students in three cities who were survey three times – in fifth, seventh and tenth grades. The children answered questions that allowed researchers to learn whether or not they’d been bullied and/or were being bullied currently or had never been bullied.

According to the study results, “health was significantly worse for children with both past and present bullying experiences, followed by children with present-only experiences, children with past-only experiences, and children with no experiences.”

Additionally, those kids who were being bullied or had been in the past tended to have more depressive symptoms and lower self worth.

Researchers say recognizing and intervening in bullying early on could reduce the “downward health trajectory.”

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