By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The ever-vigilant Philadelphia Parking Authority says despite mounds of snow at many curbsides, no one is getting a break as enforcement officers go out this week looking for on-street parking.

Tuesday marks the first return to business for Philadelphia government and many businesses after last week’s nor’easter, and many on-street parking spaces in Center City and University City remain snow-covered — some impassable.

Parking Authority Deputy Executive Director Corinne O’Connor says she hopes enforcement officers would show “common sense” about infractions caused by snow, but there’s no official change in policy:

“It’s basically going to be business as usual,” she tells KYW Newsradio.

Reporter: So no one gets a break?

“No, not if you’re parked in a safety violation, you wouldn’t be receiving a break.  If you’re going to be parking in a no-stopping, or too close to a corner, that’s something that’s always enforced, because the buses have to turn, people have to cross the street.”

And city officials say they don’t have the resources to clear every street where there’s parking curb-to-curb.

O’Connor’s advice to avoid the mess: Park in a garage, or take mass transit.

Meantime, city road crews are still responding to complaints about last week’s snow. You can call in a report to 3-1-1.  They’re also receiving salt deliveries and clearing sidewalks on bridges.

Streets Commissioner David Perri says they’ll deploy additional crews at midnight to fight the latest expected snow.