By Matt Rivers

WYNCOTE, Pa. (CBS) – At least one business in Wyncote, Montgomery County has been targeted by thieves after the hundreds of thousands of power outages occurred throughout the region following this week’s storm.

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Greenwood Automotive Specialists has been burglarized three times since Wednesday night, one of the more dire consequences of the fact that the town hasn’t had power since the winter storm began.

The burglars first struck the night of the storm — the same night the automotive repair business lost power. They kicked in the door and stole all the cash inside. The alarm system was disabled because of the rough weather.

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The burglars returned the next night, and the night after that, making off with tools and equipment valued up to $75,000.

“I work hard for a living, and for somebody to just come and take it…” owner Ken Hein tells CBS3 Eyewitness News. “I’ve got three kids I’ve got to feed. I’m not working right now. I haven’t had power, can’t work, and just kicking a guy while he’s down.”

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Wein said he bolted the doors as best he could after the first two robberies, but the burglars were still able to get inside. Now, he’s bolted up the store to the point where even he can’t get in, hoping that might deter the burglars from striking once again.