By Melony Roy

Facebook Teams Up To Measure Chatter.

Facebook is partnering with social TV analytic specialist Secondsync. The partnership promises to help advertisers and marketers better understand how consumers use the social network to talk about topics like TV.

In a blog post, the social network said: “While there has long been a desire to understand volumes of Facebook chatter data, the challenge has been sharing this information at scale in a privacy-safe manner.

Facebook will begin to publish data about the TV habits of its 1.23 billion active users through a new program called “Chatter.“The first release from the new partnership will be a study entitled “Watching With Friends” that will detail how television shows are discussed on the site, along with breakdowns on demographics and other metrics.


By 2015, Facebook’s Active Users Could Exceed China’s Population.

If Facebook’s user base continues to grow at its current rate, it could surpass the number of people living in China, within the next year.  China is currently the world’s most populous country.

China lifted its ban on the social network recently and only people within the 17-square-mile area of the Shanghai free trade zone can access Facebook.

The continent with the most Facebook users is Asia with 368 million, compared to the U.S. and Canada’s 201 million.

Statista created a chart that compares Facebook’s user count and growth to the populations of China and India.


Perry Hits A Twitter Milestone

screenshot of Katy Perry's Twitter page.

screenshot of Katy Perry’s Twitter page.

Pop star Katy Perry is the first person to reach 50 million followers on Twitter. Perry roared pass Justin Beiber last year to become twitters top user. Beiber now trails her by 800,000 followers.


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