By Natasha Brown

TETERBORO, N.J., (CBS) — Customs officials allow Justin Bieber into the U.S. after holding the pop star for questioning.

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The singer’s plane flying in from Canada was searched at Teterboro Airport in Bergen County, New Jersey.

This private plane that was apparently leased by Justin Bieber was detained here at the airport for about four hours after landing.

A flurry of activity surrounding this plane carrying superstar Justin Bieber.  The 19-year-old pop star’s private plane was held at Teterboro Airport Friday after sources say customs agents reportedly smelled pot on the plane.   Agents reportedly interviewed Bieber on board the plane but published reports say no drugs were ever found.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ captured this photo of Bieber wearing a black hoodie as he exited the plane.

Bieber is in the New York area for the Super Bowl and was apparently flying with his father and friends.

“I’ve loved him ever since the beginning of his career. Just to see him, I don’t have to meet him, just to see him it would mean a lot,” fan Stella Plascencia said.

Loyal fans gathered near the airport hoping to get a glimpse of the singer.

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“Justin’s in New Jersey and then we started running outside and started freaking out,” fan Lily Forgenstorn said.

Bieber has become no stranger to law enforcement recently.  He was arrested last Thursday in Miami on allegations of driving under the influence and other charges.

Visit CBS Miami for complete coverage.

The troubled star was also arrested and charged with assault in Toronto after allegedly hitting a limousine driver.

Despite his legal troubles, fans remain loyal.

“He’s made a lot of mistakes but I think he’s – I love him but I think he needs to get some help and he’ll be better,” Plascencia said.

Sources tell CBS 3 tonight that U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents did ultimately allow Justin Bieber into the U.S.  They say that these are routine interviews that can happen with anyone trying to enter the country just to make sure they’re in compliance with our laws.

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