By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Just in time for the Super Bowl, a local pizzeria is being recognized for their vegan wings.

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Located at 6th and Lombard Streets just before South Street, Blackbird Pizzeria is easy to miss — but this pizza place is a standout to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“Well I guess they were running something on the best vegan wings in the country and they chose us as one of the top ten places that have vegan wings in America so it’s pretty cool,” owner Mark Mebus tells KYW Newsradio.

Mebus says the wings are made from seitan, which is a wheat protein:

“It’s basically just the protein from the wheat flour and all the starch is washed out. It’s almost pure protein. It’s a tedious process of kind of making a dough and then washing out all the starch and then we cook it in a brine and then we let it cool and then we rip it up and bread it and fry it like you would boneless chicken wings or something like that.”

Hear Hadas’ full interview with Mark Mebus (trt: 5:12)…

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He adds they try to get them as close as they can to look like actual wings.

“We tear them up so that they have a wing-like appearance.”

And Mebus expects a lot of traffic on Super Bowl Sunday:

“We’ve been making tons and tons of seitan, so we’re gonna cross our fingers and hope for the best.”

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