By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– Dom Giordano spoke with Hamlet Garcia, who pled guilty yesterday to defrauding the Lower Moreland School District by falsely registering his daughter using his father’s address, and his attorney, Ricardo Corona earlier today on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

Corona claimed that his client was singled out for prosecution because he was Hispanic and “there was at least 15 other families that had similar issues, their daughters or their sons were improperly within the school district, none of them were charged. The only people that were prosecuted, the only people they decided to make an example of is a mixed race couple of immigrants.”

Garcia explained that he decided to move on with his life and only pled guilty as a “sacrifice for my daughter so we don’t have to continue because I knew if we took this case to trial…[and] if you have somebody on the jury that doesn’t like you because of the color of your skin or the way you talk or the way you act, you’re going to be found guilty.”

Garcia continued that person who reported them to the school district was lying and the district only pushed for prosecution out of convenience.

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Giordano asked Garcia directly is he knew what he did was wrong, with Garcia answering that at first he didn’t know it was a problem but when he found out, “we offered to pay tuition for the two and half months that my wife was out of the district and then offered to pay tuition for the entire year.”

Garcia claimed he met with school district officials multiple times hoping to work out a solution, but they rushed to involve the police.

According to the plea agreement Garcia reached with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, he will reimburse the school district in the amount $10,753 for services provided to his daughter.

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