By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The father of Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Boyle, gunned down in a car stop 23 years ago next Tuesday, says he is “relieved” the District Attorney is filing an appeal with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court intended to keep Boyle’s killer, Edward Bracey, on Death Row.

Pat Boyle told CBS 3’s Walt Hunter, “It’s a relief for our family, for our loved ones, this can now go forward.”

Two weeks ago, a Philadelphia judge vacated Bracey’s death sentence ruling he could not be put to death because he is “mentally challenged” (See Previous Story).

The District Attorney’s office is now preparing to appeal that ruling, while Bracey remains on Death Row.

Bracey’s attorney did not respond to a call requesting comment.  But Boyle’s father stated, “We seem to be bending over to see how much we can do for the defendant while the families of victims are left in the past.”

“Every time we go through the appeals process it just reopens all the wounds,” Boyle added.  “But we will continue to do what we’ve been doing for 20 some years, we’re not quitting.”

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