By Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This bitter blast of cold weather is also wreaking havoc on roads, homes and pipes.

CBS 3’s Todd Quinones tell us what we need to do to protect our property from damage.

Freezing temperatures can cause problems with pipes both underground and in your home and unfortunately the headaches don’t end there. A leak in the roof of this home led to damage on all three floors — dry walls, wood floors, carpets, all need to be replaced.

“Extensive damage here could be $15,000,” says Tony Hoffman, owner of Ace Public Adjusters.

He says a downspout clogged by ice left water from melting snow on the roof nowhere else to go, so water leaked into the home damaging everything in its path to the basement.

The several rounds of freezing cold temperatures this winter are taking a toll.

Pipes are freezing in people’s homes, leaving behind a mess for homeowners that can cost thousands of dollars.

And not all of the damage is covered at times.

Experts say if you go on vacation or leave your home you need to make sure the heat stays on.

“The insurance company is going to want to make sure that you did have heat on in the property. If there is no heat on, sometimes it will cause the coverage to be denied,” says Kevin Dougherty of Ace Public Adjusters.

To try and prevent damage to your home, experts recommend leaving open your kitchen cabinets so warm air can get to some of your pipes.

Experts also say if you have an outside spigot, close down the valve and water pipe that lead to it.

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