By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The seven Temple varsity sports on the chopping block pleaded their case during a two-hour meeting with school officials and board of trustee members Tuesday night.

Each team, represented by their coach and two players, had 15 minutes to state their cases, how they were affected and why their team should stay, speaking directly to School President Neil Theobald, Athletic Director Kevin Clark and Board of Trustees members.  Afterward, gymnast Michael Bittner remained optimistic.

“Very productive meeting. Everybody got along. There was no anger or hostility directed towards anybody. It was a very good conversation between each sport,” Bittner said.

Theobald says he heard information he didn’t consider before. Now, a few weeks of consideration.

“We listened carefully. We’re going to take all the information, I will go over it with the Athletic Director and we will see what is the best thing to do for the athletic program at Temple University,” Theobald said.

As for the lack of communication between programs and university officials, gymnast John Leonard says he still wants to hear more.

“Almost every sport brought that up but they didn’t comment on it,” Leonard said.

Theobald maintains the plan was always to meet after the holiday break.

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