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By Pat Loeb

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Authorities in Camden, NJ are looking for two people who attempted to abduct a woman from a Camden salon just before Tuesday’s snowfall started.

And they are asking for the public’s help.

Among the bizarre aspects of this crime are what the suspects wore — black robes and black head coverings — and the method they used to confine the victim: they put her in a trash can.

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Camden County police chief Scott Thomson says the incident took place about 9:30am Tuesday, at the Zoujati Salon, on North 6th Street:

“Two males walk into the salon, they brandish a weapon, they then put her into a trash can, took her outside, and we’re not sure what happened at that time — whether they became spooked or what — but one ran on foot, the other jumped into a white work van that was there.”

The trash can is a large, commercial-type container with wheels, built-in handles, and a hinged cover.

(Photo provided by Camden County PD)

(Photo provided by Camden County PD)

Just-released video shows one suspect dashing down the street, robes flapping, before he, too, gets in the van.  It also shows the van with a stolen Pennsylvania license plate: JLJ-6784.

Officials are asking anyone with information to call county detectives at 856-757-7420.

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