By David Madden

CAMDEN, N.J., (CBS) — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie traveled to Camden to talk up a school nutrition program (See Related Story).

But as KYW’s David Madden reports Christie can’t seem to avoid the controversies now surrounding his administration, even when talking to kids.

It came about innocently enough. A student at Dudley Elementary asked Christie how he keeps everything controlled. In light of Bridgegate and the Governor’s insistence he knew nothing of what underlings were doing, it turned out to be a very poignant question. Christie addressed it with a bit of the candor he’s known for while avoiding any direct reference to the controversy.

“It depends on the day, man. It depends on the day. You know what, here’s what you’ve got to learn about life. You can try to control everything, but you can’t. And so sometimes, things get out of control,” Christie said.

When that happens he says it’s important to focus on what do to fix it. The Governor later praised Camden’s pilot program to provide after school meals to several hundred kids then left without taking questions from reporters.

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