By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dom Giordano talked to Jonathan R. Altschuler, the attorney for a student who was suspended from West Catholic Prep for not disclosing he must wear an ankle bracelet, today on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

Altschuler compared the treatment of his client, whose name is being withheld, with that of Monsignor William Lynn, who was convicted of offenses over his handling of pedophile priests within the Catholic Church before a judge issued a ruling last month reversing that decision. Lynn is currently out of bail as the District Attorney’s office prepares for a re-trial.

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“You have a child who has a monitor on his ankle and school says you’re not welcome, but Monsignor Lynn, who has a monitor on his ankle, is not only welcome, he’s welcomed with open arms and he’s welcomed to have his bail paid and he’s welcome to live here,” Altschuler said equating the two responses.

Giordano asked Altschuler why the student and his parents refused to disclose the reason he is under surveillance when asked by the principal, with Altschuler replying, “it’s a family matter and ultimately a matter that’s been resolved. It’s not something they felt the school needed to know about. The child is being supervised by a judge who deemed him fit to go home and safe to go to school.”

Giordano pressed further asking if the private school had a right to that information and to subsequently reach a decision. Altschuler answered, “they can do whatever investigation they would like to do. The issue here is that they made a decision without having any knowledge, without conducting any investigation.”

He continued that, “there is no reason to think this child is dangerous. There’s been no history of any incident, on or off school property that they should consider him a dangerous person.”

Altschuler continued to claim that Monsignor Lynn is much more of threat to students than the child of his clients. Eventually, Giordano told Altschuler he’s glad the school removed the student based on the parent’s refusal to reveal the reason for the ankle monitor.

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