By John Ostapkovich

WRIGHTSTOWN, N.J. (CBS) — One of the key figures in an infamous New Jersey murder will get out of prison shortly.   Len Jenoff, now 68, is about to be a free man.

Jenoff was one of two men hired by Cherry Hill rabbi Fred Neulander to murder his wife, Carol, so Neulander could carry on an affair.

The murder occurred in 1994 but it was years before charges were brought, at first against the rabbi with no clear identification of the actual killers.


(Rabbi Fred Neulander, in 2002 file photo.)

(Rabbi Fred Neulander, in 2002 file photo.)

As the trial neared in 2000, Jenoff, who had been a vocal defender of the rabbi, suddenly confessed to a reporter and then to police, whom he aided by recording a conversation with the other killer, Paul Daniels, who is due to be released next year.

The New Jersey Department of Corrections web site lists Jenoff’s release date as January 24th, but other estimates have him getting out a few weeks later — ironically, on Valentine’s Day.

Neulander is doing 30 years to life for ordering the murder.


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