PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The bitter blast is keeping hospitals busy.

This dangerous cold is presenting many health challenges for those spending time outside.

The majority of weather-related injuries at Abington Memorial Hospital so far have been patients falling on black ice.

“Ankle injuries, knee injuries, hip injuries, back injuries,” Dr. Jeremy White said.

Dr. White says the arctic blast has also increased the number of patients with heart attacks and breathing problems.

“This is what we go to first, the blanket warmers, the warm saline,” he said.

Abington has extra warming equipment, patients at peak times swelling to over 100 an hour. The next wave expected to be frostbite from prolonged exposure.

“The water in the actual cells actually turns to ice and that actually damages your tissues,” Dr. White said.

Doctors here at Abington Memorial Hospital are gearing up for another busy night, patient volume here has exploded. People suffering with all kinds of weather-related issues.

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