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By Suzanne Monaghan

By Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dressing appropriately for the severe cold isn’t just important for people.

Given this severe cold, maybe it’s time to splurge on a cashmere Burberry sweater, a posh puffer jacket with a fur collar, or perhaps a luxury herringbone trench coat…not for yourself, but for your dog.

“Animals feel temperature the same way we do, so if you’re in your house and you’re wearing a hoodie, odds are your pet might want a little something extra,” says Mathew Catron, who works at Doggie Style on Market Street where they offer many affordable items to keep your pet warm and safe.

“(We have) puffer jackets and horse blanket coats that also act as a harness, sweaters and hoodies and most human things you can imagine on an upper body, you can put on your dog as well.” Depending on the size of your dog, many of those items range from $14-20.

Now, your dog might not be thrilled wearing boots, but they do serve a purpose.

“We have both permanent boots and little rubber disposable booties for dogs that will protect them from the elements and irritating salt on the sidewalks.  We also sell special road salt that is safe for pets to walk on.”

While the thought of your dog all dolled up in designer duds might be funny, leaving your pet outside in this cold weather is no laughing matter and can be deadly.

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