PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Andy Reid’s first season in Kansas City as head coach of the Chiefs started with a bang, and ended with a thud.

After an 8-0 start, and a 28 point lead in their playoff opener against the Colts, the Chiefs blew the lead, and dropped the game 45-44 in spectacular, terrible fashion.

After the game yesterday, Reid managed to thank the fans, and the media of Kansas City.

“We did just finish the first year, and so we’ll continue to build this to where we make the fans more proud than they are today of the Chiefs,” Reid said in his press conference on Sunday.“Again, we’ll learn from this, in a lot of ways we’ll learn from it, and be a better team next year because of some of the experiences, not only of what we experienced yesterday, but experienced throughout the season. And we look forward, and it can’t get here soon enough, honestly, to getting back in Arrowhead Stadium with the best fans in the National Football League.”

Reid had, at times, a combative relationship with the Philadelphia media, often times because Reid gave a lot of the same answers day to day. In Kansas City, Reid seems to appreciate that relationship a little bit more than he did here.

“O’d like to thank you guys [the media] for the job that you did too. I know you don’t have an easy job, I got it, and every day is not a bed of roses for you. I got that too,” Reid said.  “But I do appreciate barring with me. I’m not known for being a great interview, I got that. A little dry, and you guys make it work and I appreciate that part.”

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