By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Christmas trees you see today may be trimmed with glittery glass baubles and lights, or more old-fashioned garlands and ornaments. But, if you look out your window on a winter’s day, it’s easy to see where most decorations find their inspiration.

Hollies laden with berries; delicately dangling red crabapples; Franklinia’s small round fruits, tulip poplars tipped with candle-like seed collections, and evergreens cradling their cones. Even the fuzzy buds protecting next spring’s magnolia flowers like a cozy sweater gather snow and ice so the trees shimmer in winter.

While natural materials are currently very in fashion for indoor Christmas trees, those trends may come and go, but you only need to go for a walk on any winter day to see that Nature’s gift for decorating never really goes out of style.