By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Gas prices in our region are about the same as they were this time last year, but AAA Mid-Atlantic says — in 2014 — you can expect to see some big changes at pump.

At the start of this holiday weekend, gas prices in the Delaware Valley were $3.46 a gallon, about 20 cents above the national average.

But AAA spokesman Jim Lardear says prices are projected to be a whole lot lower early next year.

“AAA (Mid-Atlantic) would expect that gas prices this year — the overall average that we paid at the pump is going to be about 10 to 15 cents less than we paid last year.”

Lardear says it’s easy to see what’s driving these prices down, and he expects them to take hold right after the new year.

“We’re seeing a lot of refining capacity coming back online,” he says. “We had a little bit of spike in November, but as those refineries come back online, we expect gas prices to decrease as we get into January.”

Lardear says it’s up to some other contributing factors, but he can see prices dipping even lower than the projected 15 cents.