PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you still have some holiday shopping left to do, you might want to save the men’s department for last.

In what seems like the most ridiculous study of the month, researchers in Belgium have seemingly proved that touching men’s boxers makes women spend more money when shopping.

According to the research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, data from across three studies shows that “presenting women with tactile sexual cues does influence their decisions about economic rewards.”

The first study apparently revealed that touching a pair of men’s skivvies results in a craving for monetary rewards in women. The second showed that touching the boxers made women less loss averse for both food and money, and the third revealed that women were willing to pay more for things when presented with a tactile sexual cue.

The findings, the researchers say, may indicate that touching the underwear activates the brain’s reward system, making female shoppers more likely to take financial risks for immediate gratification.