By David Madden


RIDLEY PARK, Pa. (CBS) — Workers at Boeing’s Delaware County plant got a rare treat today as one of the V-22 Ospreys they helped to build dropped in for a visit.

This is the third time one of the tilt-rotor craft returned to its birthplace.

The Ospreys, which are completed in Texas, mean jobs for two-thirds of the 6,200 workers at the Ridley Park plant.

“It brings goosebumps to the back of my neck to see the aircraft that we built for our Defense Department,” said Reggie Price (below right), a US Air Force veteran who has worked for Boeing for five years.   “It makes us feel real proud to put a product out there that’s going to keep the members of our military safe.”

(Reggie Price.  Credit: David Madden)

(Reggie Price. Credit: David Madden)

And military officials have been putting the Osprey to work in ways never considered.  Take the recent typhoon in the Philippines, where the craft has become the main way to get aid to some of the hardest hit areas.

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