By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — In the wake of a scandal involving their former chairman, members of the Republican Party in Montgomery County will get together tomorrow night to elect a new leader.

One week after former chairman Bob Kerns was charged with drugging and raping a female employee who worked at his North Wales law firm (see related story), committee members will come together to choose a new chairman.

The vote is critical for the party which has had unity problems for several years.

Pennsylvania state representative Mike Vereb was instrumental in mending some fences at a party dinner in late October.  He says his goals are simple:

“First and foremost, continue to unite and not divide; involve more women, more minorities in our party; and get our boots on the ground, walking precinct by precinct, to win the confidence of the voters back.”

There is widespread speculation in the party that Vereb will become the new chairman.  He declined to talk about that with KYW Newsradio until after the vote.

Kerns resigned as chairman when word of the rape investigation went public.  His term was set to expire this coming spring.