By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Here’s an unusual Black Friday discount: Reduced pet adoption prices at one shelter Friday — and black animals are free.

The Animal Care and Control Team on Hunting Park Avenue is reducing its pet adoption fees this day.

Cats and kittens are $5 instead of $25 or $50. Puppies are $100, down from $250. And for Black Friday, black animals are free.

But shelter assistant operations director Natalie Smith says adopting a pet shouldn’t be an impulse decision:

“The promotions are a great way to get people who haven’t though about a shelter pet to come in the door,” she explains. “Once they’re here, our staff and volunteers are animal experts who are going to make sure people are set up with a perfect match.”

Owners like Sharnee Johnson, who adopted a six-month-old tabby named Turkey:

“The young lady told us they were doing discounted prices on kittens, and that they would definitely had kittens early in the morning,” she says.


Natalie and her new dog, Turkey. (Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Natalie (center) with Turkey, before giving the kitten to their new owner, Sharon (left). (Credit: Mike DeNardo)


Smith says 51 pets found homes during last year’s Black Friday promotion.

The shelter is located at 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue and is open until 8 pm.