PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chip Kelly made official what most people already assumed, Nick Foles is the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelly announced it today, and said Michael Vick would be the backup for the rest of the season. He said he’s talked to both players, and both are understanding of the decision.

“Nick Foles will be our starter,” Kelly said. “Mike [Vick] wants to contribute any way he can. He’s been a great leader and will be our number two [quarterback] this week.”

“[Foles has] played more games and you get more of a body of work to see him play,” Kelly said. “I said it the other day, that he’s doing a great job of protecting the football and not putting us in bad situations. When we have a shot and can take it down the field, he’s proven that he can do that. He’s got a great command of what we’re doing and he’s a lot more comfortable with what we’re doing. It’s just kind of an ongoing process for him.”

Michael Vick was named the starting quarterback out of training camp, and started with a bang with impressive performances against Washington and San Diego. After losses to the Chiefs and the Broncos, Vick left a game against the Giants with a hamstring injury. Foles replaced him, and outside of a bad performance against the Cowboys, Foles has produced historic results.

“They understand the situation and Mike wants to contribute any way that he can,” Kelly said. “That’s the type of guy that he is. He’s a great teammate and great leader and he’s been great for Nick over the games that he’s been out in terms of helping him develop. We’ve got a good situation. I think we’ve got two quarterbacks who can win games in the NFL and I think you need both of them.”

Foles’ quarterback rating in Novemeber was the highest of any quarterback in any one calendar month in NFL history, and his seven touchdown passes against the Raiders tied an NFL record. So far, Foles leads the NFL in quarterback rating, throwing 16 touchdown passes without an interception.

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