PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – DeSean Jackson knows what it’s like to be bullied. The star wide receiver had to deal with it when he was a kid,  and was smaller than others his age. Now, he’s doing what he can to help those who are going through some of the same things he did.

Jackson will be featured on Game Changers with Kevin Frazier, to tell the story of what Jackson did to help Davion Hardison, a local 14 year-old boy whose regular battles with bullies pushed his mother Constance Williams to write a letter to Jackson, asking for help.

“A big heart, a very big heart,” Williams said of her son. “The first one to jump up to help.”

It wasn’t just the bullying that was on Davion’s mind. When he learned his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, life became that much tougher. “Him being the youngest, and already the victim of bullying, it made it even worse,” Williams said.

Jackson went above and beyond for Williams, and surprised him by paying him a visit at football practice. Jackson then gave Davion two sideline passes to the Eagles game against the Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field.

“I need to step up and make a difference in this kid’s life,” Jackson said he remembered thinking as he read Constance Williams’ letter.

“It really meant that I was appreciated. I’m not alone, I’m appreciated in the world,” Davion said of what Jackson did for him. “This changed my life because it shows me…it’s possible to do anything.”

Game Changers with Kevin Frazer will air on CBS 3 at 11:30am on Saturday, November 23rd.

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