By Mike DeNardo

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Governor Corbett is still trying to fill a vacancy on the School Reform Commission.

The Governor gets to appoint three of the five members on the School Reform Commission and name a chair.

Governor Corbett says he’s in the process of filling the opening that was created when SRC chair Pedro Ramos resigned last month.

“We have gathered a list of names. We’ve inquired of some of them. Some of them decided that they really didn’t want to do it. So we’re still working on a list of names.”

Any nominee needs state senate approval. Corbett couldn’t say whether he’d pick someone before the SRC’s November 21 meeting.

“I can’t guarantee that. I can’t say one way or the other at this point.”

Corbett will have another seat to fill in January, with the expiration of Commissioner Joe Dworetzky’s term.