By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– The secret to success may be the win-win situation, according to a motivational author.

While admitting that not all situations can be win-win, as in exactly equal, Bob Burg, author of Adversaries Into Allies, says all parties should be satisfied with the percentages.

This begins with a sincere attempt to understand and appreciate other people’s point of view. In business, Burg says a customer who feels he or she has been treated fairly is more likely to be a repeat customer.

But, that’s not the only place where his techniques are useful.

“Universal laws of communication, persuasion, influence transcend really, whomever you need to really win over, whether it’s in the moment or for a longer term and being able to do it again in such a way that genuinely that other person can feel good about themselves and you feel good about you.”

Burg says a major hurdle is controlling your emotions, because it’s all too easy to dig in your heels on an issue when you’re upset, dooming that encounter to a bitter stalemate.