By Natasha Brown

By Natasha Brown

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –A play on words or a cheap shot?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is on the latest cover of Time Magazine with the caption, “The Elephant in the Room.”

Time is taking a look at Christie’s impact on the Republican Party whose mascot is an elephant.

But some people are interpreting it as a jab about his weight.

Christie easily coasted to a double digit re-election victory, but it’s the cover of Time Magazine that has more people abuzz in the days following the election.

Time called Christie “The Elephant in the Room” leading readers to three stories inside, including Christie’s game plan for seeking a presidential nomination and his potential to reunite the Republican party.

But many see the interpretation of the cover, as simply a jab — a cheap shot — at the Governor’s weight.

“They’re being a little too harsh on Governor Christie,” Fred Leeds of Cherry Hill said.

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“That’s very offensive for someone struggling with their weight,” Simone Alexander of Cherry Hill said.

The Time Magazine writer says it’s really about Christie being bigger than life.

“It’s not about his physical size it’s about his whole political act. He’s telling the story about his attitude, his approach and the way he handles himself,” Michael Scherer of Time Magazine said.

Still some New Jerseyans say c’mon!

“If he’s OK with his size that’s all that really matters right,” Tyler Klotz of Cherry Hill said.

“I thought when they said elephant in the room it was the Democrat-Republican animal symbol they use,” Sophie Duy of Cherry Hill said.

Christie has not shied away from poking fun at his weight problems, he has had lap band surgery.

Still some say the magazine’s caption has gone a little too far.

What are your thoughts?  Comment below.

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