By David Madden

TRENTON, NJ (CBS) – In the Garden State, voters will be deciding on a lot more than their next governor.

The entire New Jersey legislature — 40 state senators and 80 assembly members — is up for election. But at the top of the ballot is the gubernatorial race.

State Senator Barbara Buono is trying to unseat incumbent Chris Christie (see related story).

“Governor, you’ve done a good job looking out for those at the top, but if you’re an underdog like me, is he really looking out for you?” Buono asked potential voters.

Christie points to a list of bipartisan accomplishments during his first term in seeking a second: “I’m thrilled about the fact that we were able to create 143,000 new private sector jobs.”

Two statewide ballot questions will be decided. One allows veterans organizations to use games of chance as fundraisers; the other hikes the minimum wage a dollar an hour.

Closer to home, county freeholders are being elected, along with mayors in Atlantic City and Camden.