By Kim Glovas

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–The master plan for Temple University had included building a new library, but that idea is now dead.

The school is now working on a new master plan for the library.

Temple University spokesman Ray Betzner says the original plan drawn up seven years ago, called for the new library to be built on North Broad Street, but he says along the way things changed.

“In the last decade alone, we have gone from having a residential population of 5,600 and we now have somewhere between 12 and 13 thousand students.”

Now, a new master plan is being drawn up. Paley Library is in the heart of the campus, but will it be upgraded?

“That building certainly will be part of the plan. Whether that remains the library or the library gets a new home on the interior of campus is yet to be seen.”

Betzner also says that students and alumnae were surveyed to determine where they would like to see the library placed, and most wanted it located in the heart of the campus, where Paley is now.

He says a new master plan is being worked on and will most likely be completed by early next year, and that plan could determine if Paley is upgraded or turned into something else.