By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia police officer,  taken off the street after an ugly contact caught on video that went viral on YouTube, is back in the glare of negative publicity with another video of apparently questionable conduct.

And now, the police department is conducting an internal investigation of police officer Philip Nace.

The first video resulted from a so-called “ped stop” — two pedestrians were stopped by Officer Philip Nace and his partner.

It turned heated and ugly as Officer Nace apparently didn’t like the suspect’s tone.

WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO (Warning: graphic language)

Neither pedestrian was charged with a crime.

In the latest video, an officer identified as Nace moves a sidewalk basketball backboard, then knocks it over.


Police spokesman Lt. John Stanford say this is not the way officers are trained to act.

“And it is disheartening and it’s a little bit, you know…  it takes away from all the hard work our officers are out there doing every single day,” Stanford tells KYW Newsradio.

Philadelphia police union president John McNesby says Nace is a good cop working a tough area, and the union looks forward to defending him.

But McNesby says there are guidelines for conduct and he concedes that based on the videos and information he has, he expects there might be some discipline, “but nothing dramatic.”  He says it will be a learning experience and they’ll move on.

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