By Cleve Bryan

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., (CBS) — Storms like this one are always an issue down the shore, bringing on coastal flooding and beach erosion.

Tides have gone down and West End Avenue in Atlantic City is dry again.  The Black Horse Pike was down to just one lane Friday because of the coastal flooding. Cars are moving along now, but people all week long have had to adjust to some wet weather down the shore.

Whether it is trying to drive or walking around on foot, getting caught by a prolonged nor’easter made it hard to get around parts of the Jersey Shore this week.

“It’s hard to walk through big puddles, the water gets really deep in here,” Kevin Herrera said.

Even what is considered minor tidal flooding caused side streets along Fairmount Avenue in Atlantic City to become submerged up to a foot of water.

High tide floods out side streets along Fairmount Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ. (credit: Cleve Bryan)

High tide floods out side streets along Fairmount Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ. (credit: Cleve Bryan)

Parents carried their children through deep spots as they left the Texas Avenue School. Making sure that cars paid attention and children didn’t trip, crossing guard Devata White was willing to get herself wet.

“I make sure they’re extra careful, put my boots in the water, and just try to meet them where they are,” White said.

In Stone Harbor, where Army Corps of Engineers finished a major beach replenishment project this summer, heavy wave action caused cliffs along water’s edge.

Weather experts warned erosion could be a problem, but without beach replenishment, the waves might have been even closer to town.

If you are planning to go down the shore this weekend, for any of the festivals or different activities that are going on, make sure you check ahead of time that it is not canceled (see related story). As of right now, the Atlantic City Marathon is planned to happen this Sunday.

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