PHILADELPHIA (CBS) Steve Trevelise is a sports anchor at 94WIP, as well as a show host. Steve Trevelise is also a New York Giants fan.

Strange, but true.

Leading up to Sunday’s game against the Eagles, 94WIP’s Glen Macnow challenged Trevelise to a bet. If the Eagles lose, Macnow would wear a dress in public, if the Giants lose, Trevelise would not only wear a dress, but walk the streets of Philadelphia, and then across the Ben Franklin Bridge.

The Eagles won the game, 36-21, and Trevelise was a man of his word.

On Wednesday, Trevelise strutted his stuff in a dress, and did some good as well. Raising money for the Jefferson Foundation – Tackling Breast Cancer, Trevelise kept his word and did a good deed.

You can see photos from Trevelise’s walk AT THIS LOCATION.

You can donate to the Jefferson Foundation AT THIS LOCATION.

You can see the video below: