By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Montgomery County Community College is partnering with a university in South Korea.

It’s called an articulation agreement, one of more than 100 Montgomery County Community College has forged with colleges and universities throughout the country, giving students with associate’s degrees more transfer opportunities.

“They’re not just local or regional, but now they can also be international.”

Montgomery County Community College president Karen Stout says Dongseo University had been looking to expand into the area, thanks to a growing Korean community.

“This partnership really was initiated by Joshua Chung, a Norristown-based lawyer who’s been working very actively with the college in helping us to expand our international partnerships.”

Stout says it is proof that an associate’s degree can be a springboard to big things.

“It says a lot about the value of community colleges and the potential of community colleges, and our students.”