PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Eagles made many mistakes in Thursday night’s loss to the Chiefs, from just about every position on the field. A few of those mistakes seemed to come from center Jason Kelce, who was involved in a few bad snaps, one of them resulting in a fumble and loss of possession.

Kelce came into the game with an injured hand, but says that it had nothing to do with the bad snaps.

“It’s a jammed thumb, it’s just bruised, swollen. It had nothing to do with the reason for the snaps, whatsoever, ” Kelce told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Monday.

One of the bad snaps saw Michael Vick in the shotgun formation, while it appeared Kelce thought he’d be directly under center.

“Before the play is given, every time we get a play we understand whether the quarterback is under center or in shotgun,” Kelce said. “Sometimes in the grand scheme of things you’re focusing on something else so much, that you don’t realize or you forget for a split second because you have a mental lapse, so to speak I would say. There’s just no excuse for it, you just got to make sure that before, during the play, all at all times, you understand what is going on.”

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Cataldi asked Kelce if he would just feel Vick under center.

“You really don’t, unless you are concentrating on it. The reason for that is, there are so many other things you are focusing on that you don’t really feel that. Now sometimes you do because you are focused on it and you are concentrating,” Kelce said. “Other times, it’s almost like I don’t know if you have ever seen that movie, I forget what it’s—baseball movie, anyways he blocks out all the noise of the entire stadium and he’s not even hearing them because he’s so focused on trying to pitch a game and that’s kind of the way it is—I don’t really hear fans. I get a focus into me, where I’m focused on the job and the task that I’m trying to do, but sometimes that distracts you from the minute and the details you have to be focused on.”

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