By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are so many treasures hidden in plain sight in Philadelphia that often you walk by and don’t even notice.

The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia offers walking tours of neighborhoods and neighborhood architecture all over the area, pointing out things you probably would have missed on your own.

“I think it’s neat if you’re a Philadelphia resident to take a tour of a neighborhood you don’t live in or might not know,” says Holly Keith of the Preservation Alliance.   For example, she says, “We have a tour of the so-called ‘Eraserhood,’ which I think is really interesting — the Callowhill neighborhood.”

Why is the mostly industrial area between Ninth and Broad Streets, Vine and Green Streets, becoming known as the Eraserhood?

“When David Lynch went to the Academy of Fine Arts many moons ago, he lived in that neighborhood, and he says that that inspired him to make the film ‘Eraserhead.’  Seems to crop up more and more: people call it the ‘Eraserhood,’ ” Keith says.

The Preservation Alliance offers other tours, including some of picturesque little streets that are off the beaten track.

“We do a couple of tours.  They’re called our ‘Littlest Streets’ tour.  There are a lot of neat little hidden streets that you wouldn’t normally see in your everyday going around town,” Keith says, “little magical, secret streets almost, that are really neat.”

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