By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Even if your cell phone is on the “Do Not Call” list you could still be getting hounded by unwanted calls and marketing messages.

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Now, a federal court ruling in Philadelphia should make it easier to stop them in their tracks.

Cary Flitter, attorney at Flitter Lorenz in Narberth, says call centers that use autodialer software can make many more attempts to reach us, but,”there’s a law that prohibits companies from calling your cell phone by the use of an autodialer unless they have your express consent.”

The case Flitter won on appeal to the Third Circuit court involved a northeastern Pennsylvania woman who told Dell Financial she didn’t want to hear from them anymore.

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“She wrote and said please do not call me anymore at this number, but Dell kept calling and they admitted getting the letter, but they didn’t honor it.”

The judge ruling  says you can at any time revoke permission for companies to call or text by writing or texting back: ‘Do not text me anymore at this number,’ or ‘do not call me any further at this number.’ And that should be enough to cut off the consent.

If they keep calling, then the consumer has rights. They may have to hire a lawyer if the calls won’t stop and the law also provides a money remedy per call.”

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