By Jay Lloyd

NEW YORK, N.Y. (CBS) — Thanks to the world of apps, getaway seekers have a new way of getting around.

There are those who think an “app” is something you eat at a bar, but to others an app helps you find the bar on a smartphone.

For example, near Grand Central Terminal in New York, looking for pub grub, we fired up “Open Table,” an app on our iPhone.

We found a pub three blocks away where we ate wings — an app. Got it?

For travelers, smartphone apps have greased the skids for confusion-free getaways.

Which ones do I use most?  “Embark” is a public transit app available for many cities.  It shows you what lines to use to get from where you are to where you’re going.

Then, emerging from a subway and knowing I should walk south, there’s a compass app to point the way.  Mine is part of a flashlight app that lets me read a menu in those dark, intimate restaurants.

Then, of course, we tap the AccuWeather app to decide whether to play golf or check out a museum.

And after making a wrong turn, there are always map apps by Google or Apple to put us back on the trail.  (Yes, I know about the missing Brooklyn Bridge, but that’s been fixed.)

‘Appy getaway!

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