By David Madden

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) — Two brothers are now facing federal conspiracy charges, accused of palming off fake sports jerseys as prizes along the Wildwood and North Wildwood boardwalks.

Brett Strothers, 32, of Egg Harbor and his 28-year-old brother Evan, of Mays Landing, operated ball-toss games on the boardwalk, offering as prizes what they claimed were NBA and NFL jerseys.

But the US attorney says they were counterfeits, made in China and funneled through a middleman in Thailand — more than 16,000 pieces over a three-year period.

The real things would have a value of $4 million.

The conspiracy charge could put the brothers behind bars for up to 10 years if they are convicted.

Also charged are the middleman — a US citizen in Thailand — and the alleged manufacturer in China, a citizen of India, although neither has been arrested.