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Thanks to a new wave of energy saving and green conscience homeowners, the home remodeling business is starting to shift their focus on longer lasting and more durable solutions.

Global Home Improvement, a full-service exterior home remodeler specializing in metal roofing, shingle roofing, windows, siding and gutters, recently completed a project for a homeowner who requested just that.

The homeowner was looking for a lifetime maintenance-free exterior that included the roof, gutters, siding, soffit and fascia. In addition, they desired a photovoltaic (PV) system that was aesthetically pleasing while still generating enough energy to have a payback within six to eight years.

They chose Global Home Improvement to complete the job because of the company’s extensive experience in dealing with complex projects. They were impressed that the company was established enough to handle such a large and demanding project.

This total green home makeover included sustainable and all-natural fiber cement siding by James Hardie, as well as premium RainPro gutters to more effectively handle the water flow from the new standing seam metal roof. Finally, integrated solar panels generate energy in a visually appealing way.

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A New Kind of ‘Solar System’ – Solar Thin Film with Metal Roofing

The highlight of the makeover was a 50 year standing seam metal roof with integrated solar panels, notes Paul Kazlov, president of Global Home Improvement. These types of panels consist of a thin film solar PV. They serve the same purpose as traditional crystalline panels—generating electricity—but their main benefit is that they are more aesthetically appealing. They integrate directly with metal roofing using a heavy-duty adhesive.

thin film metal solar progress pa Solar Thin Film Metal Roofing: The Complete Green Makeover

Many times, homeowners have to replace their asphalt roof when installing solar panels. Instead of replacing it with a shingle roof, Global Home Improvement recommends opting for metal because it’s the last roof you’ll ever need.

“We have the ability to custom manufacture metal roofs that are ideal for historical and contemporary metal roofs,” says Kazlov.

Metal roofing consists of 20 to 30-percent recycled content and is 100-percent recyclable at the end of its very long lifespan. The metal comes in a variety of colors and the thin film PV panels do not penetrate the roof. They are also virtually unbreakable, will not lift up in heavy winds and come with a 25-year warranty. The thin film is installed between the standing seam panels and connected underneath the ridge cap of the roof.

this film solar metal roof corner section

50 year metal roofing is also energy efficient because it is coated to reflect more sunlight than traditional roofing,” says Kazlov. This can save homeowners up to 20-percent on their home’s cooling costs and also qualifies for an additional $500 in tax credits.

Design and Difficulties

Global Home Improvement sat down with the homeowner of this makeover—as it does with all clients—to look at the best quality and longest lasting products while staying within budget.

The biggest obstacles for a project like this aren’t what you’d typically expect. It’s the paperwork for the solar rebates that requires meticulous attention.

“Because the solar system uses thin-film that integrates with the metal roof, the homeowner is able to get back 30-percent in tax credits on the entire system, including the metal roof,” shares Kazlov.

Other non-monetary benefits of this green makeover include beautifying the exterior with maintenance-free materials. The locally-sourced fiber cement siding offers a long lifespan and is made of natural and sustainable materials. Even the seamless gutters are made of heavier gauge aluminum and have a lifetime scratch-resistant warranty.

“The homeowners are absolutely thrilled with their one-of-a-kind green home renovation and they will continue to be for years to come.” says Kazlov.

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