By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With Chip Kelly’s offense being the talk of the town this week, I applaud the creativity exhibited in today’s made-up trade.

The Sixers finding a way, any way, to trade Kwame Brown is a win in my book. Now, he’s on an expiring contract, and it’s not even for that much money, but it’s the principle of the whole thing.

As usual, the trade architect is Ethan Giles (@Giles1228), I’m just the messenger.

Sixers Get

Boris Diaw ($4.7 Million, One Year)

Matt Bonner ($3.94 Million, One Year)

Nando de Colo ($1.45 Million, One Year)

Cory Joseph ($1.1 Million, Two Years)

Spurs 2014, 2016 First Round Picks (Lottery Protected)

Spurs Get

Thaddeus Young ($8.8 Million, Three Years)

Kwame Brown ($2.94 Million, One Year)

Why the Sixers do it: Well, come on, this is fantastic. First of all, the trade does not make them any better immediately. According to the ESPN Trade Machine, this trade results in five fewer losses for the Sixers. Second, the Sixers get two first round picks, one in the supposedly loaded 2014 NBA Draft. It won’t be a top pick, but it’s still a first round pick, which is very valuable in today’s NBA. Most importantly, Kwame Brown is no longer on the Sixers after it’s completed.

Why the Spurs do it: Adding Thaddeus Young does a couple of things for the Spurs here. First, it adds frontcourt depth, and Tim Duncan is in a spot in his career where he’s not playing as many minutes, so they can save him for the playoffs. Next, it helps the Spurs get a little younger immediately and gives them a piece to hold on to when the Duncan era is over. Finally, they get Kwame Brown, so, well, they’ll get to… I don’t know. They have to take him and that’s the rule.

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