By Hadas Kuznits

JENKINTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – Wednesday was the first day of a new school in Jenkintown, Pa. catering to the needs of children with autism.

A Step Up Academy is an independent school located on the grounds of Abington Monthly Meeting.

“A Step Up Academy is a private academic institution,” says Dr. Kelly Donahue (top photo), clinical executive director of the school. “We were just recently licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and we are providing kindergarten and first grade services for kids on the autism spectrum.”

Currently there are just two children enrolled in the school.  Karen Misher is their mother:

“This type of environment gives them the behavioral support, some one on one learning, but it also gives them some opportunities to play with other children their own age,” she said.

Eventually, Dr. Donahue hopes to enroll eight children per class and to expand the school through fourth grade.