By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–1210 WPHT’s Dom Giordano spoke with Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Thursday about the situation in Syria and his thoughts on how the President is handling it thus far.

Giordano got right to the point with Rumsfeld on how he felt about President Obama’s denial that he set the red line in Syria.

Rumsfeld called it a “stunning revelation” adding on that the President must think “we don’t have ears.”

Rumsfeld said he thinks the reason people are so hesitant about the United States military intervening in Syria is the fact that “intelligence is intelligence, it is not a fact,” and we have been wrong in the past.

Rumsfeld said he believes President Obama has “driven the United States into a cul-de-sac.”

He added, “We’re faced with a dilemma. If we don’t do something, he already drew the red line, I think it damages U.S credibility, weakens our influence, and emboldens countries like Syria and Iran with their nuclear programs to feel like the United States won’t back up its threats.”

He added, “The opposite is also true, if Congress does vote in favor of the strike, the members of the House and Senate have a tough vote. The likelihood is the President will continue on his path of ambivalence and any results will be insignificant, and that too will damage our credibility, weaken our influence and embolden our enemies.”

He concluded that if he were in Congress, he would vote no.

Giordano agreed that the President has compromised himself a bit by politicizing everything.

Rumsfeld elaborated, “A commander in chief who has not defined the mission and we decide to use military force, that’s pretty risky.”

Rumsfeld concluded that his major issue with the President is “Obama has said that the Assad regime will still be standing when whatever he decides to do is done, and that tells everybody to not support the rebels, because the rest of the world is comfortable with the Assad regime.”

He said of Obama’s presidency “it is clearly not resolute leadership. It is not leadership that provides clarity or a unity of purpose in our country and among our allies.”

Lastly, Giordano asked Rumsfeld how almost one year later, no one has been brought to justice concerning Benghazi. He admitted, “The biggest problem is the people in the administration have not come forth before congressional panels and clarified what in the world took place.”

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