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By Kim Glovas

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A University of Pennsylvania political science professor says the United States should be considering all of its options before taking action in Syria.

Dr. Ian Lustick, an expert on Middle East politics, says placing warships in the Mediterranean Sea is a provocative move, which could lead to surgical strikes inside Syria.

“Ultimately what can happen is command and control centers become the targets of American Tomahawk missiles, and that can include the leadership of the country, so even though we may say we’re not trying to take out the regime, or take out Assad himself, that may be a certain kind of deployment,” said Lustick.

Lustick says what’s driving the situation is chemical weapons. He says the U.S. should view that as a reason to get involved, if only for humanitarian reasons. However, the question of who was behind the chemical weapons attacks is still unclear.

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