By Jeff Gilbert, CBS Detroit

 – Lincoln is announcing a new “brand within a brand” for people who have more exclusive tastes in luxury vehicles.

The brand will start offering special “Black Label” models, which have higher end amenities, richer leather and unique types of paint.

Black Label will start with three themes; Indulgence, Center Stage and Modern Heritage.

“We plan on refreshing and changing the themes out over time and by vehicle during the course of its life-cycle,” said Lincoln Global Director Matt Van Dyke.

Van Dyke says Lincoln is trying to reach for customers who want a luxury vehicle that’s different from the other ones on the road.

The actual badging will be fairly low-key.

That will include the actual customer experience at the dealership, including “specific customer deliverables that come with Black Label.”

Lincoln is still determining the exact changes they will make in the way Black Label customers are handled. But, there are three areas they are looking at.

“First in the shopping experience, how would we differentiate it,” said Van Dyke. “Second, literally in the buying experience, what might be different to respect the time and wants and needs. And then, long-term, during the ownership cycle.”

Lincoln is in the process of developing four new vehicles over the next four years. All of those vehicles will have Black Label variants. They are also developing a Black Label version of the current Lincoln MKZ.

Ford will show a concept Black Label model at this weekend’s Pebble Beach Concourse, an upscale classic car show. The first models will be on the road in about a year.

About six percent of Lincoln vehicles will carry the Black Label designation.

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