By Brad Segall

By Brad Segall

NEW HOPE, Pa. (CBS) – An effort is underway in a Bucks County community to try to combat the loud noise from motorcycles that’s creating problems for merchants, visitors, and residents.

Motorcycles have been a staple in New Hope for decades. Bikers come to town and park their shiny bikes up and down Main Street and contribute to the economic activity in the community.
But lately, a small percentage of motorcyclists choose to rev up their engines. New Hope Chamber of Commerce President Connie Gering says the “Rev It Down” campaign is now in full swing.

“We decided that by using the message ‘Rev it Down’, it would be a nicer way to ask them to be quieter as they travel the one square mile of our business district,” Gering said.

There are signs and banners posted throughout the town asking bikers to please keep the noise levels down. Police Chief Michael Cummings says officers are on the streets looking for bikers who ride in low gear at high revolutions.

Some bikers say the loud pipes save lives by letting drivers know they are nearby.