By Oren Liebermann

LEVITTOWN., Pa., (CBS) – It was supposed to be a quick stop at home on Saturday night, after a Harley ride and before going to a friend’s house. But Bob Miller of Bristol Township found he had company: a burglar standing near his mom’s bedroom.

“It didn’t click until he wasn’t answering me. He was backing up, and that’s when I realized that you ain’t supposed to be in my house,” says Miller, in an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News.

Miller walked in on his home being robbed. The suspect smashed through a window with a pry bar and already had his loot ready to run. He was even drinking a Corona from Miller’s fridge.

“Jewelry boxes, jewelry, money. He put it all by the back door, getting ready to leave,” said Miller.

Miller attacked the suspect, Gary Kramer, 56. Miller says he hit Kramer until he stopped resisting.

“He asked me why I was doing this, saying I didn’t do nothing to you. What’s going on? This and that. I told him, ‘You robbed my house. You know what’s going on,’” said Miller.

Kramer was holding a knife from Miller’s collection, but Miller says he barely noticed.  He dragged Kramer outside and held him until police arrived.  Police say Kramer is a suspect in another robbery nearby only three hours earlier. A homeowner interrupted that one too, but Kramer got away until he ran into Miller.

Police say Kramer was on drugs during the robbery. They say he told officers why he was robbing a house: for more money for drugs.