By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google can do it, why can’t you?  A website is planning to help you profit off your personal details.

Those seemingly ‘free’ services, like email and social networking, are funded (and then some) by information like your birthdate, location, what you search for and buy, and insights to your online behavior.

“We only have a vague idea at the best as to what amount of data’s being used, sold, shared without our knowledge or consent for whom, by whom, and for what purpose.”

That’s what CEO Michael Fertik wants to change.

“You can choose either at that moment or by theme — like I like cars, airlines — whether your data are going to be shared, and you know exactly what you’re getting in return,” like discounts at retailers, or special deals at a new car lot.

“It looks like based on the research that they will be willing to pay who fits in that category of descriptors $200 in discount or maybe even in cash to come in and do a test drive.”

All because, Fertik says, you fit the profile of a customer that seller wants, and you’re doing a lot of their leg work by volunteering your details.

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