PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia sports has been bad for the last year or two. Really bad.

The 2011 Eagles were a mess, and the 2012 Eagles were a full-on disaster. The Flyers fell apart in 2012 and didn’t make the playoffs. The Sixers, well the best thing to happen for the Sixers is to get people to not talk about them. And the Phillies era of great baseball is ending with a thud.

Still, all of that said, it’s not that miserable! That is at least, according to Forbes, who released their top-ten list of most miserable sports cities in the US.

Seattle topped the list, followed by Atlanta, Phoenix, Buffalo, San Diego, Cleveland, Kansas City, Houston, Washington D.C. and Denver.

Well what qualifies as miserable?

“Sports misery isn’t all about futility,” Forbes says. This is a good qualifier, because in the Phillies, Philadelphia has the losingest franchise in the history of professional sports. “Sometimes it’s about leading your fans to the cusp of a title only to let them down in the end. It’s happened the most in these 10 cities over the years.” Wait a minute, don’t we qualify there? “Only major U.S. sports towns — those with at least 75 cumulative NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL seasons — are eligible.”

We can see the billboards now… “Philadelphia, not that miserable!”

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